The history of Sienna Ranch Baptist Church is a continuation of His Story that began before creation, climaxed at Calvary, and will be completed with the return of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Like two tributaries flowing into one mighty river, Sienna Ranch Baptist Church began with the uniting of two local Missouri City churches.  Interesting is the fact that Colony Baptist Church and Trinity Baptist Church both originated out of Williams Trace Baptist Church now known as Sugar Land Baptist. In 2009 God united Colony Baptist and Trinity Baptist churches becoming Sienna Ranch Baptist.
  • 1994 Colony Baptist

    In February of 1994, Colony Baptist held its initial worship service in Sugar Land, in the home of Dr. and Mrs. Dale Faulkner. After a couple of weeks, Colony Baptist Church was organized and began to meet for worship at Austin Parkway Elementary School.  John Wiltshire, was called to serve as pastor.
  • 1997 Colony Baptist

    Early in 1997, seeing the new growth and expansion of Missouri City yet a void of churches in the area, Colony Baptist relocated to Elkins High School. Colony Baptist Church became the first church to be started along the Hwy. 6 corridor in Missouri City. After John Wiltshire’s resignation, Colony called Mark Dean in August of 1997 to become its pastor. God gave the church the vision to be “a colony of the Kingdom of God”.
  • 1998 Colony Baptist

    The mission of Colony was to first minister to the families and communities located along State Hwy 6 between Interstate 59 and 521. However, God also provided opportunities for the church to minister beyond. One student pastor became a missionary in Istanbul, Turkey and another to Osaka, Japan. Members of the church carried out mission work in China, Romania, Russia, Turkey, Brazil, Haiti and more.
  • 1998 Trinity Baptist

    It was by unanimous vote, on February 18, 1998, that the members of Williams Trace Baptist Church endorsed the recommendation of her Missions Committee to support the San Felipe Baptist Association, the Union Baptist Association, and the Baptist General Convention of Texas in the creation of a new Mission Church in Sienna Plantation in East Fort Bend County.  A part of the motion was to name Eddie R. Alley the initial Pastor. Fourteen families (37 people) gathered together for the first time on February 22, 1998 in the home of Keith and Cheryl McAlpine.  On March 8, 1998, the church chose the name Trinity Baptist Church.  On Easter Sunday, April 12, 1998, the congregation met for the first time in Burton Elementary School located in Teal Run.  Because of the church’s sense of call to center it’s ministry in Sienna Plantation, with the intention of reaching out to all adjoining communities, the church relocated to Sienna Crossing Elementary school after it opened in September, 1998. They later relocated to the Sienna Club House.
  • 1999 Colony Baptist

    God placed in the heart of Colony the desire to search for land from which the church could gather for worship and utilize as a center from which to minister to its neighbors. In October of 1999, Colony purchased in cash a four-acre lot in Vicksburg subdivision for its church. The church completed its first building -- a 10,800 sq. ft. multi-purpose building in March of 2003.
  • 1999 Trinity Baptist

    On August 18, 1999, the fellowship of believers of Trinity Baptist declared, and Williams Trace Baptist granted, their intention to move from a mission status to an autonomous church, effective August 22, 1999.
  • 2001 Trinity Baptist

    After a successful fund raising campaign, Trinity purchased 13.584 acres of land from the Johnson Development Corporation on August 7, 2001.  Trinity dedicated the holy ground to God on October 21, 2001, worshipping Him with song, testimony, the Lord’s Supper, baptism and the building of an altar in honor of our Lord.
  • 2003 Trinity Baptist

    On December 19, 2003, the church sold 6 ½ acres to the Methodist Board of Missions. Trinity began making plans to build on the remaining 7 acre site. 
  • 2005 Colony Baptist

    In 2005 God led Colony to adopt an unreached people group in West Africa.  During the next ten years the church would take 45 separate trips to remote villages showing God’s love and sharing his truth.  The church worked with Wycliffe and Faith Comes By Hearing to record the New Testament into the heart language of the Mankanya people. In addition, 150 original indigenous Bible songs were composed and recorded to be distributed with the New Testament.
  • 2007 Trinity Baptist

    On June 15th, 2007, Rev. Chad Bertrand began his ministry at Trinity as Co-Pastor.  The next year, Eddie Alley retired.
  • 2009-2011 Together as Sienna Ranch Baptist

    In 2009 God led Trinity and Colony to merge together into one church.  The new combined church would meet at their Vicksburg location until the Sienna building was complete in 2011.
  • 2017 Sienna Ranch Baptist

    In 2017, Sienna Ranch sold the Vicksburg site to Life Pointe Community Church.